Fit3D customers Michele and Randy, Owners of RevolutioniZe Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling in Freehold NJ, have seen their clients accomplish amazing body transformations. RevolutioniZe uses their Fit3D ProScanner to optimize their clients' programs.

Below are before and after avatars of their client Valerie D., an active NPC figure competitor. The below scans (left versus right) were taken approximately six months apart. 

"The last 6 months of my life I put in the hands of Randy Frankel & Michele Zandman over at RevolutioniZe and I couldnt be happier with the way my body has changed! These pictures speak for themselves. You forget sometimes and get lost in what you started your journey for. " Valerie D.

"Looking at this transformation I rememebr why I started! 160lbs on the left 135lbs on the right. I cant thank you guys enough seriously! My dreams are finally becoming a reality and if I can do it, anyone can!" Valerie D.

Amazing transformation, Valerie! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.