Why Personalization is so Important to Customer Service

The customer experience is crucial to the success of any business. Consumers will pay a premium to be treated like they matter; like people. What steps can you take to ensure amazing customer service is what your training is known for? What techniques can you use to convert prospective personal training clients into enthusiastic, long-term trainees?

For the sake of this discussion, we’ll define Personalization as follows: The art of approaching a group of customers who have seemingly common needs and wants as if each one is innately unique. Sounds simple, right? But not all brands have caught on.

Human beings are inherently selfish, to a degree. We all want to feel like our needs and wants are unique and being handled accordingly when establishing relationships, business or otherwise. On the other hand, it’s more efficient for businesses to automate customer relationships; to take on a new client and fit them into a cookie cutter program. Personalization takes time and work, which is probably why your competitors aren’t doing it and precisely why you should.

The Harvard Business Review was quoted in IHRSA 2014 Health Club Consumer Report saying a “super consumer” is an individual who’s engaged with a brand, spends money on it, and wants to be part of it. Typically this consists of 5%-10% of consumers. Also stated in the report, the personal training industry has a 2.4% super consumer ratio, defined as gym members who use personal training at least 50 times annually.

According to IHRSA 2014 Health Club Consumer Report, several reasons may explain the Fitness Industry’s inability to sway more than 4% of total membership into frequent (at least 21 sessions per year, includes “core” and “super consumers”) personal training use:

Client burnout that occurs when clients that feel like their program has not been as interesting or effective as expected.

Failure to achieve the goals clients set when they first began personal training.

Clients may not feel like their overall experience warrants the cost. (The percentage of members ready and willing to pay over $50 for an individual personal training session is less than 40%, while 63% of users are willing to pay less than $25 per small group training session.)

Fit3D sees this information as an opportunity to grow personal training. But how? Fit3D argues: personalization. Members are concerned about the effectiveness of personal training. To save money, the above data proves that most gym members believe trainers aren’t worth what they charge; they can reach their goals on their own, using other less costly resources and knowledge.

The ProScanner presents an opportunity for trainers to create an original program design for each individual client. For the first time, trainers are able to provide incredibly unique, personalized customer service that doesn’t stop with the first scan. Each scan is an outline that, strung together, creates each client's unique story. Arming trainers with these outlines provides them the opportunity to approach each client strategically, benefiting both the client and the trainer.

Esteban Lutz of Kore7 Fitness in Sunbury, Ohio has noticed a difference in member’s reactions when presented with the option of purchasing personal training packages since he introduced the Fit3D ProScanner, and he’s got the numbers to prove it. Since integrating the ProScanner, Esteban saw new sales for personal training just about triple compared to the same time in 2014, 2013 and 2012, and he explains that a big part of this jump in sales is due to the element of personalization the ProScanner provides. “I would easily say 30% to 50% of the increase has been tied to the ProScanner,” he explains. “Clients see the image of themselves and are emotionally charged by it.”

With the Fit3D ProScanner, the effectiveness of the trainer and the program is more clear, erasing the doubt that trainers aren’t worth what they charge, and Kore7 is just one example. Clients purchase personal training packages with confidence and clearly defined expectations and goals. The Fit3D ProScanner gives trainers something to provide to their clients that free YouTube videos cannot, the ability to shape each client’s story from the ground up.

The relationship between trainer and client resembling the blind leading the blind is a thing of the past. The Fit3D Proscanner is bringing “personal” back to personal training.