Nicole D. trains with our customer RevolutioniZe in New Jersey and is preparing for a fitness competition. The first and second scan were taken about a month apart from each other, February 26th and then again on March 30th. 

"I got sick and couldn't workout for a week and was terrified about what my scan would look like. I was worried I'd lost all the gains I had made so far. I came in to scan anyway and am so glad I did." Nicole D. 

"I felt like all the work I had been doing had paid off. I had no idea my body was changing so dramatically because I couldn't see these changes when I looked in the mirror." Nicole D. 

"I work full time and am a full time student and yet I make time to work out. Seeing my progress the way the Fit3D ProScanner does keeps me motivated to come back time after time." Nicole D.

Keep up the good work, Nicole!