Client of the Month: RevolutioniZe

The team behind the Fit3D ProScanner argues that impact should be made at many levels: the user, the facility and the industry. Since the ProScanner emerged to the general fitness market at IHRSA in March, 2014, it’s been effective at all three levels. Fit3D believes the ProScanner has five different areas of impact for the facility: New Member Sales, Point of Sale (Personal Training), Personal Training, Ancillary Revenue and Member Retention. Michele Zandman and Randy Frankel of RevolutioniZe in Freehold, New Jersey, were eager to share with us how their Fit3D ProScanner has exceeded their expectations.

New Member Sales: When first asked what kind of change they’ve noticed in terms of new member sales since the Fit3D ProScanner had been introduced, Michele and Randy replied, “Definitely that initial ‘Wow’ factor. New potential members are impressed with the technology. Most didn’t know this existed.” Randy and Michele explain that they introduce the ProScanner to new and prospective members upon first touring their facilities. In addition to the Fit3D ProScanner, they use additional means of progress tracking, such as a weight scale and a body composition scanner. They quickly noticed that Fit3D’s ability to show a three dimensional image of the user’s body shape is more captivating and more compelling than all of the additional data they gather. When asked what kind of reaction they’ve gotten from initial scans, Michele and Randy say it’s usually a very sobering experience for their new members, “The first scan makes users realize they need to take action. It can be incredibly uncomfortable to see that image of themselves, but more than anything, it prompts them to act. “

Personal Training: Randy and Michele agree that the information Fit3D provides keeps their trainers on their toes as well as clients hungry for more fact-based results. “The ProScanner keeps things honest. The scale and body fat composition machine aren’t nearly as reliable as the ProScanner,” explains Michele. Tools like weight scales and body fat calibrators used to be the only way to gauge client success, and are still useful in some scenarios. However, Michele and Randy are just some of Fit3D’s customers that believe this technology will transform the way we measure change in fitness, reducing human error as well as making the whole experience more comfortable for the client. “I used to take manual body measurements for my clients, but the measurements were never accurate. There was always at least some amount of human error involved,” explains Michele. “Also, members don’t always like the touchy feely aspect of having their measurements taken manually.”

Personal Trainers explain the web platform upon the client’s initial health assessment. Once a scan is complete, the user’s information is sent to and stored in Fit3D’s secure web servers. An email is sent to the user where he or she can securely log in to the system to see their information; at which point the user can share their three dimensional image and scan information with their trainers digitally, or download their reports and share with whomever they choose. Michele explains that clients are mostly captivated by their images and the change they can visually see in the avatar over time.

Clients like having this information because it is very clear to them and their trainers if the program the trainer has designed is working or not and that helps to drive sales, explains Randy. “The Fit3D ProScanner and web platform have very much increased closing percentage. The information gathered will expose you as a trainer if your program is not working, and clients like that no gimmicks approach.”

Ancillary Revenue: We want the Fit3D ProScanner to be an integral part of everyone’s success, for both the end user as well as the gym owner. RevolutioniZe offers Fit3D scans separately without the purchase of any training package; 20 dollars per scan or 15 dollars a month for unlimited scans on a one year commitment. They do this because they know that once someone takes their first scan, they’re going to want to personally test out the results of their training program. Randy explains that he and Michele have designed their training packages so those who are interested in scanning without any other service feel compelled to buy training packages, because access to the ProScanner is included in all of them. In this way, the Fit3D ProScanner is driving new clients to RevolutioniZe.

Retention: More than anything, the Fit3D ProScanner keeps users motivated. A motivated member stays on track with their fitness and nutrition program. Michele explained to us that just yesterday she was with a client who was incredibly disappointed the scale had only shown a loss of a half pound. “This particular member had been on a program for some time and done initial screenings including the Fit3D scan, body weight and body fat tests. The scale showed very minimal improvement and her attitude about the work she had done plummeted.” This member then took her second scan and her motivation returned. “She was so incredibly pleased with her results. Seeing both images side by side only left her wanting more.”

Fit3D Best Practices:

Encourage regular scanning! Making sure clients are scanning often ensures they will stay on track of their programs. It also encourages them to get comfortable with the process, especially if they’re new to exercise. New clients may worry that eating that cupcake blew their entire week of training, but if they can see that it didn’t throw them off track, they’ll be encouraged to keep going.

Use Social and traditional Media to let the community know the ProScanner is available! Michele and Randy do a great job of letting those in their community know about this awesome technology and how it’ll help clients reach their goals. Social Media is a powerful tool and can help spread a message if you’ve cultivated a following. They also use it to share client success stories.

Ask your trainers to scan! Michele is very open about her own personal experiences with the ProScanner and that energy encourages clients to scan too. Clients trust their trainers and will often do as they suggest. Personal experience can go a long way!