Client of the Month: Kore 7

Our goal at Fit3D is to drive passion into people’s workouts and to keep them engaged in fitness by showing them the true, unbiased results of their hard work. We knew we were onto something when we realized the end result also happens to benefit the bottom line of your business. In this Client of the Month edition, we spoke to Esteban Lutz, the owner of Kore 7 Fitness with two locations in Sunbury and Lewis Center, Ohio. He’s seen his gym impacted by the Fit3D ProScanner in the areas of New Member Sales, Personal Training and Ancillary Revenue. Kore 7’s member base and staff have embraced the ProScanner as a powerful tool, which Esteban argues - and we agree - is important for ensuring high ROI.


Esteban used to introduce the Fit3D ProScanner during the new member’s initial health assessment (after a membership agreement has been signed), but he now introduces it during the initial tour of the facility. “Introducing the ProScanner to people still considering membership is a wake up call; a cry for help. It becomes an emotional tie in,” he says.

Esteban went on to further explain that most members are not committed to bettering their health after purchasing a gym membership. However, seeing the 3D image of themselves that the ProScanner provides uncovers emotions; a responsibility towards their bodies and maybe even a sense of guilt that provokes them to take action. In fact, Esteban attributes 50% of his triple digit increase in new member sales (compared to the same time in years past) to the Fit3D ProScanner. “Seeing the image ignites a sense of commitment to their health and wellbeing. You can’t unsee that image.”


In addition to the emotional response that scanning elicits, Esteban says that only after seeing their 3D avatar do members really question the effectiveness of what they are currently doing for fitness and nutrition. “After the first scan, the walls come down. Only then are people willing to hear what you have to say in terms of advice.” This puts the member in an awesome position to hear feedback from one of Kore 7’s Personal Trainers.

Another reason why Esteban introduces the ProScanner during the tour is because it gives members more time to process the information in the scan, so that the member is ready to purchase a package during their complementary health assessment. He doesn’t believe in rushing them into jumpstart personal training packages that can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations from the member. Fit3D believes knowledge is power - Esteban agrees and wants both his trainers and their clients to be on the same page in terms of goals and expectations. “I like that the ProScanner keeps everyone honest and my trainers in particular on their toes.” Going through the motions is a thing of the past.

Since introducing the Fit3D ProScanner, Kore 7 is full of clients working with trainers who are excited about their workouts, like Debra. “I've reviewed my Fit3D scan results and reports from this weekend over and over.  I cannot even believe I've lost 14 inches from my body in just four weeks!”

Debra goes on to explain that she initially didn’t think personal training was for her. However after comparing her scans side-by-side, she can’t wait to sing the praises of Esteban and his staff. “I love the trainers and didn't think I would like working with one. Now I cannot imagine not doing it! I will certainly keep up the personal training.” Do your personal training clients sound this excited about the work they’re doing?


Kore 7’s scanning model allows clients who have purchased personal training packages to scan every four weeks with the cost worked into the package price. “When we schedule members for a scan, they’ll receive a notice about the appointment and see a cost associated with the scan. For PT clients, that cost will be zeroed out. I like for members to know that there is a cost associated with scanning, even for clients currently using PT,” Esteban says.

In addition to PT clients receiving scans every four weeks, all new members receive a scan upon touring as well as during their health assessment. After that, Esteban offers scans for a cost of $37 each, or buy two get one free. “If I allow unlimited scanning at no cost, then there is no value for the scan. It’s important that members know there is a cost associated with scanning. It helps to maintain the ‘wow’ factor.”

Esteban and I discussed the possibility of Kore 7 offering new kinds of memberships in the future based on the ProScanner. He may implement tiered membership plans that include unlimited scanning, or an add-on option for regular memberships.


Encourage your staff to scan! Members like to hear that the staff and trainers have gone through the experience of repeatedly scanning. Esteban purchased a training package and repeatedly scans. His members like to see him involved in facility practices.

Make sure your Personal Training Staff feel informed about the ProScanner. Esteban ensures his staff stay well informed about the benefits of the ProScanner so their clients feel confident about their training starting from the very beginning.

Esteban’s model encourages members to take each scan (and the work they do in between) very seriously. Kore 7 members who sign up for personal training packages are aware that the cost of the ProScanner is worked into the cost of the package.