Client of the Month: Gainesville Health and Fitness

We’d like to introduce you to Gainesville Health and Fitness (GHF), our April Client of the Month, with three locations in Gainesville, Florida. GHF ranks globally in the top percentile for sales, management, and community service and has helped make the community of Gainesville, FL The Healthiest Community in America. Today, GHF is one of the best known health clubs in the world.

Joe Cirulli, owner and founder of GHF, has focused his life on two things: helping people become healthy and building a company culture that inspires people to become their best. Naturally, he likes to equip their members and fitness coaches with body assessment technology that aligns with their goals, culture and mission.

Noah Hastay, Fitness Director for GHF, talked to us about the ways in which the facility has been impacted by having the Fit3D ProScanner as part of their suite of body assessment technology.

GHF has been a part of the Gainesville community for 36 years. We asked Noah, how does GHF stand the test of time? “Keeping up with new technology keeps us relevant. Our members like to see that we are using their membership dues to reinvest within the company,” says Noah, as if purchasing the Fit3D ProScanner was the most logical next step in trying to keep their fitness center aligned with today’s technology. “The Fit3D ProScanner adds value to a GHF membership.”

The Fit3D ProScanner is not available to everyone at GHF. It’s exclusive to just one program; X-Force - a six-week program designed and researched by longtime exercise scientist Dr. Ellington Darden. The concept of this program is “negative training”,  strength training that uses a patented "tilting" weight stack allows for a 40% heavier resistance on the "negative" (lowering) part of the exercise.

We asked Noah, why not make the Fit3D ProScanner available to your entire membership? “Limiting the programs that have access to the ProScanner creates a sense of exclusivity,” explains Noah. “The ProScanner adds worth to that program and gives members another reason to give XForce a try.” Noah went on to explain that club management may decide to make the Fit3D ProScanner available to other programs in the future. They may also eventually create an a la carte pricing model for their general membership.

Before the Fit3D ProScanner, X-Force Instructors used to manually take their client’s measurements as well as take traditional photos at different angles to keep track of fitness progress, but with 100-130 members enrolled in each session, time is precious for both members and coaches.  “Our old method was not an efficient use of our time. It took 20-30 minutes to take measurements and pictures per person,” Noah explains. “The Fit3D ProScanner streamlined this process tremendously. Not only do we dramatically reduce the amount of human error involved with measurements and visual feedback, but we achieve a much better result in a fraction of the time, usually 2-3 minutes.”

Fit3D is proud to partner with GHF, a facility that invests so much into their community’s health. Many of our previous clients of the month have been smaller facilities with more specialized member programs. GHF is a great example of how a large facility offering numerous large and small group training programs uses the Fit3D ProScanner to increase member engagement by providing honest, objective feedback for each participant.

GHF Best Practices for the Fit3D ProScanner:

Stay on top of technology - It’s important for members to see you reinvesting in your club to keep with the times. The Fit3D ProScanner is driving the fitness industry forward in body assessment technology.

Create exclusivity - Let members know the Fit3D ProScanner is an amazing tool for them to use, but make sure they know it comes at a price. They’re more likely to take their fitness goals more seriously.

Stay open to the possibilities - The Fit3D ProScanner can help increase revenue in a myriad of ways, including new member sales, personal training sales, member retention and ancillary revenue. The various applications of the Fit3D ProScanner make it an ideal tool to withstand the changes your business model may incur as time changes the demands of the industry.