Carly Goes Public With her Fit3D Scans

User success stories motivate us at Fit3D! We're excited to bring you the full story of Carly of Greenfield, IN, a mom of three kids under the age of four. She is a perfect example of how the Fit3D ProScanner  encourages fitness clients to work with trainers, motivating them at the start and keeping them going when the scale weight doesn't show the progress that they’ve truly made.

Carly’s fitness goal, like many moms, is to get rid of some of the weight she gained during her three pregnancies, however she didn’t quite know how to start her journey. Carly works at the Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield and therefore has access to their Wellness Center.  This is where Carly was first introduced to the Fit3D ProScanner. "I took my first scan before I even considered personal training. The results made me serious about getting healthy! I had never worked with a personal trainer before but I was more than ready once I saw my initial results." Carly’s first experience with the ProScanner was sobering. “I wasn’t happy with what I saw in my first scan, but I accepted these first results as a challenge,” she said. Carly took the first and most important step in her transformation, accepted her results as a starting point and signed up for personal training immediately

We, at Fit3D, are so proud of Carly and are ecstatic to be a part her story.  We know that making healthy lifestyle choices is not always easy. As life becomes increasingly complex, health and wellness needs to become a higher priority and Carly is a great example of this.

Carly continued to exercise, eat well, weigh herself and take Fit3D scans and while the scale didn’t show much change at all, her scans showed staggering progress. “My weight wasn’t budging, but in less than a month I lost 2 inches from my waist. Seeing the two images side by side was eye opening, and kept me motivated.”

Once the Fit3D ProScanner completes the scan, users can login to the Fit3D website and retrieve their scan information, including measurements and 3D body avatars, within 10 minutes. Users can share that information with whoever they’d like by downloading and printing or emailing their Fit3D reports. The Fit3D web platform also enables Carly to share her information directly with her trainer through the Fit3D online tools.

“At first, I was relieved that the scans were private,” Carly added. “I started the blog so I could share the images with other people as a motivational tool, but didn’t really want to share them on facebook. But then I realized, if this helps even one person improve their health, it’s completely worth it! Also, it helps me to have a blog following to report to!”

Carly explains that with regular workouts and the guidance of her trainers, she feels much more capable of keeping up with her kids, her work, and her life. After all, wellness means different things to different people.

For Carly, the Fit3D tools encourage her to keep up with the work she’s been doing for herself physically with the help of her personal trainer. "The scanner helps keep me motivated in my training because I look forward to seeing how my body is changing. You can see every little change in your body in the scans and that is what I love about it!"

Carly is well on her way to visualizing a healthier her.  With the coaching of her great trainers, her intrinsic motivation, and tools like Fit3D, Carly is already steps ahead of other people working to make the same healthy lifestyle changes.  At Fit3D, we are proud to play a role in Carly’s healthy lifestyle choices.