3 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Fill Your Gym Tomorrow

It’s March 2015. The rush of people excited about their new year’s resolution to get in shape has come and gone. Look around your gym - where are all your members?

The 2014 IHRSA Consumer Report shows that 44% of all fitness members (core members) used their facility at least 100 times in 2013. That means, the members that frequent your gym the most use it on average at least every 3-4 days. More than half of your membership uses their membership less than this. In 2013, an estimated 18.2% of Americans indicated that they were members of health clubs.

In a previous newsletter we discussed the importance of personalization in the personal training industry - members are hesitant to purchase personal training because most feel they aren’t worth what they charge. Can we apply this same concept to their general membership? How can we make members feel like they’re getting their time and money’s worth when they purchase a membership at your gym?

Time, money and motivation are all in short supply for most these days. If you had a dime for each of the below excuses (or some variation thereof), you’d be a rich man/woman:

“I don’t have time to go to the gym”

“I don’t have the money for a gym membership”

“My dog ate my motivation to workout”

Behold, three things you can do today to fill your gym tomorrow, and to ensure you never hear another one of these excuses again:

Ensure an emotional connection is made between the member and their goals

The above data proves that commitment to health takes more than signing up for a gym membership.

One of our great customers, Esteban Lutz - Owner of two Kore 7 locations in Ohio - does not believe that members are emotionally connected to their gym, however he’s found that the Fit3D ProScanner helps to establish a sense of responsibility in the member’s health that didn’t exist before. “Seeing the 3D avatar the ProScanner creates - it ignites a sense of commitment to their health and wellbeing like never before. You can’t unsee that image.”

After scanning once, Esteban often hears these trigger phrases from new member prospects:

“I look like that?”

“I’m that soft?”

“I had no idea I am that poofy”

What is that I hear? Like music; a healthy dose of guilt, responsibility and self awareness. All emotions that typically produce action on behalf of the member’s wellness. You’ve never seen yourself before the way the ProScanner see’s you. Raw, unbiased, objective, visual feedback that lights a stubborn fire of motivation that’s hard to put out.

Develop a trackable strategy to reach the member’s goal

Lucy Lunges joins your gym and is really excited to start working on her fitness. She works with one of your training staff to set reachable goals for herself and gets to work. Lucy hustles in the gym and eats well for one month, only to weigh herself and find that she didn’t lose the amount of weight she had hoped. Lucy Lunges lost much of the motivation she started with, abandoning her fitness goals. All that work and no weight lost - what’s the use?

Randy Frankel and Michele Zandman, co-owners of RevolutioniZe in Freehold, NJ have seen this scenario repeat itself over and over. They purchased the ProScanner and the overall attitude of their members towards fitness started to take a turn for the better.

For example, a RevolutioniZe member was working hard at their program for weeks and had done initial assessments including the Fit3D scan and body weight. The scale showed very minimal improvement and her attitude about the work she’d done plummeted. This member then took her second scan and her motivation returned. “She was so incredibly pleased with her results. Seeing both images side by side only left her wanting more.”

Motivation is like a hot bath; it feels nice in the beginning but doesn’t stay hot for long. A member seeing a plateau in weight loss is like someone throwing ice into that hot bath. For many, motivation is hard to get! When we find it, we want to keep it. Fit3D recommends your members scan often - tracking the progress they’ve been making, especially when inches are being lost and not necessarily pounds.

The Fit3D ProScanner provides honest feedback of the user’s body, without all the subjective feedback from a weight scale. “First and foremost, it is a motivating assessment technology for current and prospective fitness clients,” says Fit3D CEO Greg Moore. “It is tremendously motivating for them to see exactly what areas they are targeting with their workouts.”

Be transparent about what you can offer each member

Establish a difference between yourself and a gimmicky car salesman - be upfront about what each member can expect from membership.

The IHRSA 2014 Consumer Report says the percentage of members ready and willing to pay over $50 for an individual personal training session is less than 40%, while 63% of users are willing to pay less than $25 per small group training session. What does this data tell us? Most people with a gym membership feel the advice you’re dishing out isn’t worth what you’re charging. How can you make believers out of skeptics?

With the Fit3D ProScanner, members should know that the efforts of both the trainers and the member are being considered in the success of the program. Membership is an easier sell if both parties practice transparency; transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of any business relationship.

The Fit3D ProScanner promotes objectivity. Personal training, group classes, small group training - let your members be the ones to decide if the program they’re doing is working for them by providing them with the objective, visual feedback that only comes from being able to see yourself the way a ProScanner sees you.

Is the member not getting themselves to the gym as often as they need? Is the program designed for that member not targeting the right areas? Is the member working harder than ever, gaining muscle and losing inches? The only tool best equipped to answer all these questions is the Fit3D ProScanner.