How is Fit3D Going to Drive Revenue for our Customers in 2016?


How was your 2015? Ours was awesome - but 2016 is going to be even better.

Most recently, Fit3D wrapped up our first ever San Francisco Bay Area wide inch loss contest. We tasked Bay Area residents with losing as many inches as possible within a six week time period. 75% of all registration fees went to benefit patients in developing countries that can’t afford medical care through a non-profit called Watsi. Fit3D ProScanners were housed and made available for participants to use at SF Bay Area based sports retail company Sports Basement.

132 participants registered for this contest, completing 1,163 scans in total. Each participant was required to scan at a Sports Basement location at least three times in six weeks, although many scanned more, resulting in at least 396 visits to Sports Basement stores during this time. A total of 69.7 inches were lost by all participants.

Social media reach for this contest consisted of eight Facebook posts from the KTVU TV news hosts covering the event, resulting in hundreds of conversations about the challenge and a reach of 450,000. This data does not include posts from Sports Basement, Watsi, Fit3D or any other social media network.

Fit3D was able to drive incredible amounts of traffic into retail locations for this inch loss contest,. Imagine how much of a revenue driver a challenge like this would be if it took place in a fitness setting… what if we involved our customers?

Fit3D is consistently working with our customers to create high margin, low effort revenue streams. Based on the success of our most recent challenge, on February 1, 2016 Fit3D is launching the first ever Fit3D National Inch Loss Challenge. Fit3D will use its media reach to drive consumers to ProScanner locations - our customers. The Fit3D Challenge Platform will be used to create an amazing ancillary revenue stream for Fit3D customers in addition to increasing sales in the areas of personal training, new member sales, and increased member retention.

Money doesn’t grow on trees… but it does (figuratively, of course) grow on ProScanners.

A conversation with one of our customers about this contest:

Customer: “Soooo you’re telling me you’re going to pay me to bring new prospects into my club and re-engage current members and it's not going to cost me a dime?”
Me: pause… “yes, that’s correct.”
Customer: “Duh”

To learn more about this challenge and other endless revenue streams the Fit3D ProScanner creates for your facility, contact us