How to Keep Your Members Engaged During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is notorious for encouraging unhealthy behavior, as well as pulling members out of your gym. Family obligations, holiday parties, stressful weather...the list of reasons to skip a workout goes on. It’s hard not to take it personally, but...people are simply really, really, busy. So we’ve thought of a few ways that you can use the ProScanner-- the gift that keeps on giving--to incentivise your members to stay engaged during the hectic holiday season.

Holiday Frequency Rewards

Use the ProScanner to reward members who stick to their workout schedule during the holidays. If you’re currently charging for it’s use, consider gifting free scans to those who continue to visit your facility at least a certain number of times per week. You’ll be rewarding positive behavior while also emotionally connecting these members to their goals by showing them their scan images and data, motivating them to continue long after the New Year.

Offer Discounted Personal Training

One way to help members stay committed to their workout plan is through personal training. When their motivation is lacking and the gym starts to become less of a priority, a personal trainer offers the accountability that members need to stay engaged. However a large barrier to personal training is the cost. Consider offering special holiday packages that give members a taste of this offering, while also including ProScanner scans. A holiday gift from you to your members that’s sure to have them coming back for more.

Holiday Programming

Did someone say, “The Twelve Days of Fitness”? Offer special holiday programming for your members such as themed workout classes, special holiday workout plans, and free fitness assessment days. Create fitness competitions that encourage your members to compete against one another for prizes, or create a workout buddy program in which members hold each other accountable for workout goals. Allow the ProScanner to create social buzz in your gym and be a source of friendly holiday competition.

Special ProScanner Holiday Pricing

Offer ProScanner promotional pricing and gift cards as a gift-giving solution during the holidays. Maybe even give members a free guest pass to try out the ProScanner. Allow the holiday spirit of gift giving bring in new members into your community.

Keep Members Working Towards Goals

Above all, make sure that everything you do encourages your members to stay goal-oriented throughout the holidays. Why wait until after the new year to set goals? Help your members set themselves up for success in the new year by helping them make changes NOW. The ProScanner is a great way to show your members how quickly a little bit of hard work can impact the shape of their body. There is no greater motivation than seeing your body change before your eyes.

There is no reason that the holidays should clear your members out of your gym. Instead, think of this time as an exciting opportunity to reinvigorate your community and increase member engagement. For more information about how Fit3D’s ProScanner can help keep your members engaged, contact