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This month's Transformation Tuesday belongs to the first place winner of our customer Key Health Institute's FitBody Challenge. Winners of this 30 day challenge were determined by two metrics; percentage of total inches lost in addition to total body fat percentage lost. 

In 30 days, the first place winner lost a total of 3.1% body fat and 4.93% of total inches lost. Check out her scans below!


Patrick Wellington, Fitness Director of Key Health Institute, says the Fit3D ProScanner has been key to running successful challenges that engage members, boost member motivation and increase personal training sales. "We (KHIE) weren't doing challenges before we purchased the Fit3D ProScanner. It just wasn't feasible."

"The Fit3D ProScanner holds members accountable, especially in a fitness challenge type environment. For members, the Fit3D ProScanner is a way to track progress visually and to keep focused on the end goal."

- Patrick Wellington, Fitness Director, KHIE

"Your product made it easy for me to see the positive changes in my body's physical shape. Knowing exact measurements made me strive even harder to achieve maximum results! I love Fit3D!"

- KHIE First Place Winner, FitBody Challenge