Fit3D Launches the 'See a Differece, Make a Difference' Inch Loss Contest!

Weight loss challenges are old news in the fitness industry-- however, Fit3D is breathing new life into the way challenges are executed by your staff and how they’re perceived by your members.

On November 1st, Fit3D is launching the 'See a Difference, Make a Difference' Inch Loss Contest, powered by Fit3D and in partnership with Watsi and Sports Basement. San Francisco Bay Area residents will be tasked with losing as many inches as possible during a six week time period, and 75% of registration fees will fund patients in developing countries that can’t afford medical care.

This is the first Bay Area inch loss contest that encourages participants to make healthy lifestyle changes on the personal/local level, and simultaneously help others around the globe. Fit3D is excited to partner with Watsi and Sports Basement to create a dynamic and engaging challenge that benefits the entire Bay Area community.

Taking body measurements for fitness tracking purposes is an endeavor often inconsistent and prone to human error. This task is especially frustrating when attempting to motivate fitness challenge participants that aren’t noticing any progress and don’t trust their measurements. This is why Fit3D created the ProScanner-- so that you’ll never question the integrity of the data, and so that you can actually see fitness progress as it happens, instead of attempting to interpret inaccurate measurements.

Fit3D’s ProScanner also shortens the time it takes to complete a client’s body consultation. One of our customers, Gainesville Health and Fitness, reports that what used to take them 20-30 minutes to measure now only takes them a minute or two. For the next six weeks during our Bay Area contest, ProScanner units will be living at Sports Basement locations in Berkeley, Sunnyvale, and San Francisco. There is no employee necessary to “administer” the machine, as it’s completely self use.

The Fit3D ProScanner and its motivating possibilities open the floodgates to increased new member sales, member retention, ancillary revenue, and personal training sales for your gym.


  1. Challenges offer a unique, low barrier opportunity for new people try out your facility and its offerings. The technology is new and exciting and word spreads like wildfire, so simply starting with your member base will be enough to entice new customers. Your gym can charge a nominal fee for use of the ProScanner, with little cost to your facility and little to no use of employee time.  
  2. People find themselves in exercise and nutrition lulls. You know what I’m referring to - sometimes your exercise and nutrition programs lack motivation, purpose and oomph. Our customers that use the ProScanner in their facilities have challenges running at regular intervals to ward off the mundane and give something exciting to re engage their members! There are many different creative ways to make the most of the ProScanner. Whatever it is, people love challenging themselves to produce results during a given time period, especially when they’ve got a tool that will be honest with it’s feedback.
  3. Challenges are a huge deal in the fitness industry. Imagine being able to charge for participation in these challenges, and then being able to keep that money or share it with a charitable organization. The Fit3D ProScanner allows you to do that. Not only does the tech get your members excited about working out again because never before have they seen their body progress tracked like this, but we’ve removed all the work that came with challenges traditionally. This means that you and your group trainers, staff, and personal trainers have more time to do other important things that bring in revenue.
  4. Many of our customers have opted to present challenges to their members as a way to introduce them to personal training. One of the most common objections to personal training is the price point. Offering discounted personal training to those involved in the challenge, or offering mini fitness assessments along the way, can help sell personal training to your members.

Fit3D’s See a Difference, Make a Difference November fitness challenge aims to set an example for the level of impact that the Fit3D ProScanner can have on member engagement, client health, as well as healthcare across the globe.

To learn more about how to get involved with this challenge, or how to motivate your members to make healthy lifestyle changes with a challenge of your own, contact Fit3D.