Fit3D Innovation and New Features

The difference between innovation and ideation is execution.

Fit3D was founded with one mission, "Provide a re-baselining technology that truly motivates the user to reach their wellness goals."

In slightly more than 1 year, the Fit3D ProScanner has been used to provide more than 100,000 3D body scans and wellness assessments from more than 20 countries.  We are excited, proud, and humbled to positively affect so many lives.

The Fit3D ProScanner is being used by hundreds of health clubs, small group and personal training studios, hospitals, and health insurance companies, as well as corporate wellness to drive new memberships, membership retention, and personal training revenue.  Fit3D is also used in countless challenges and televised weight loss programs like SWEAT Inc., Wimp2Warrior, The Rachael Ray Show, etc. to show body shape changes as a result of high intensity nutrition and training programs.

Fit3D has been used to provide body shape health risk assessments as well as to track weight loss, post surgical atrophy and recovery, balance and posture, body shape during pregnancy, edema based swelling, adolescent growth, rapid weight loss through laser or lypo, and to capture measurements for ready to wear and made to measure clothing companies.

The Fit3D ProScanner and web platform has been completely designed and built from the ground up, which gives us the ability to innovate at a rapid pace.  As our customers keep us on our toes with new feature requests we continue to evolve.  Fit3D lives and breathes INNOVATION.

We are proud to announce new features coming to the market in mid-October 2016:

  • Fit3D Turntable with integrated 4-point weight scale:
    • 100% of Fit3D clients and future clients have asked us to integrate a scale into the system.  We listened, but because we love innovation, we took it a step further.  We integrated an independent 4-point weight scale so the user not only gets total body weight, but also balance between left, right, front, and back.
      • With Fit3D, you will understand how your weight is distributed, not just your weight.
  • Fit3D ProScanner with a tablet interface and stand:
    • While we thought the old system was pretty stylish, we have upped our game to include a tablet interface and stand.  
    • The tablet design tremendously enhances the overall scan experience with a new level of cleanliness and professionalism.
  • Completely redesigned web platform:
    • After surveying thousands of users, coaches, and facility administrators, we completely redesigned our web reports.  
    • The new design and features gives the user a tremendous amount of value, such as more access to their Fit3D data and 3D body scans, interactive graphs for every component of the system with more appropriate wellness index definitions, redesigned scan comparison pages, and quick access to additional features like 3D printing and the marketplace.
  • Partnerships:
    • We have brought on a 3D printing company so that users will be able to order 3D printed figurines of their scans right from their web report.
      • This is a highly requested feature for people who want to remember their body with 3D figurines, such as people who have gone through pregnancy, amazing body transformations, and youth growth stints.
    • We have also partnered with more apparel companies so that users can understand their health and wellness as well as order clothes perfectly fit for their body.  
  • Body Shape Score (BSS):
    • We have been working with industry leading university and private researchers in body shape analysis and its associated outcomes.  This new score will tell users how healthy their body is from a shape perspective.  While the industry has taken hold of body fat percentage, which is an important result, knowing where the mass is on the body is even more important and correlates with powerful outcomes.
  • Enhanced Scan Processing:
    • Fit3D has been hard at work on its scan processing engine to speed up the scan process and to make the scans even more detailed.  We can't wait to show off the new scans.
    • We did not forget about the people that have already used the system.  We have reprocessed all older scans as well, so when we turn on the new web platform in mid-October, everyone that has ever taken a scan will see their new and improved scan.

All of the aforementioned web and data analytics features will be made available to all Fit3D clients and users, regardless of the version of the ProScanner.  

With higher than expected sales volumes, we are already backordered so if you're ready to bring the most comprehensive wellness assessment solution into your facility, reach out to talk with our sales team through our contact us page.  

Thank you and we are excited to discuss our upgrades with you further.

#TransformationTuesday - Life changes lead to loss of inches and body fat.

Meet Reijo - Fit3D's Director of Operations, Support and Logistics and a new dad! Reijo lost 1% and 4.64 pounds body fat in seven months. Below he talks about how even exciting life changes can impact body shape. 

"Unlike many of the other Transformation Tuesday's, I did not have a strong fitness goal in mind.  My wife and I were in the midst of an incredibly exciting time getting ready for our first child and creating a home for us all.  I knew it was a pretty important time to keep my health in mind."

"Somewhere along the way I stopped going for seconds and going for more greens than cupcakes.  Honestly, my goal for the first few months of the year was to maintain some form of sanity, but I was curious about how my body would change, so I scanned!"

"Although I was not chasing a fitness goal, I did find it helpful to see what my lifestyle has done to my body shape. The information it gave me was a helpful reminder to make sure I take care of myself, especially during crazy times." 

Why Equinox Chooses Fit3D to Track Member Progress

Recently, Fit3D asked Jeff Kohler, Tier 4 Manager at Equinox Palo Alto, why they choose Fit3D to track member progress.

1. "The Fit3D ProScanner is superior to hand-held measurements because it eliminates any potential awkward interactions between coach and client, since there is no need for a tape measure."

2. "The ProScanner quickly takes all common circumference measurements, as well as other useful data points in less than a minute."

3. "This is an incredible time saver for our team and it allows for measurement consistency between coaches, so that any coach can facilitate a reassessment. A cornerstone of the T4 program is the ability to assess and reassess clients at regular intervals to keep them consistent and accountable towards their goals."

4. "Additionally, the ability for the client to be scanned without the coach in the room adds a high level of privacy for the client."

5. "The digital tracking platform that Fit3D provides affords quick, clear comparisons to any scans via the web."

6. "The avatar that's created gives a clear, unbiased image of the user. For many, the image opens their eyes to their current physical state that numbers simply cannot. It's much more motivating to see the shape of the avatar change than to just see numbers change."

Ready to learn more about how Fit3D can transform your facility? Contact us at

#TransformationTuesday - Brittany loses 21 inches in 3 months!

Brittany S. is a client of Ashley Nunez, a Nutrition Counselor and Fitness Coach at Revolutionize in New Jersey. She has this to say about her amazing client:

"Brittany has been working with me for 3 months and has lost a total of 21.8 inches and 24.7 lbs. She is working out at home 3 times a week, hitting her macros by eating about 1835 calories a day with no restriction, and enjoying a weekly cheat meal! I may be her coach but this is ALL Brittany! I provide the tools, knowledge, accountability, guidance and support, but she applies it all."

"I was introduced to Fit3D through Revolutionize and your machine allowed me to see my problem areas after the birth of my daughter. Three months later, I have lost almost 25 pounds and over 21 inches!" - Brittany S. 

"My Fit3D scans allow me to see the progress from every angle. I couldn't have done this without my coach Ashley as well as the Fit3D machine!" - Brittany S. 

IHRSA 2016: 3 Ways Incorporating 3D Body Scanning into Your Facility Adds to the Member Experience and Differentiates you from Competition

Fit3D is excited for IHRSA 2016, just one week away, in Orlando, Florida. We are especially excited for one of this year’s keynote addresses, delivered by Randi Zuckerberg. The author, entrepreneur, and media maven will demystify technology in the fitness space.

In an interview with Club Business International, Zuckerberg says “Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, the founder of a startup, or a vetted business owner, you need to stay 10 steps ahead of your competition and prepare for what’s going to be coming down the road over the next few years.” Fit3D couldn’t agree more and wants to share three ways incorporating 3D body scanning technology into your facility can enhance the member experience and differentiate your business from competitors.

1) Personalization

  • Does this interaction sound familiar?
    Trainer: “Your weight hasn’t changed, but how do you feel? How do you fit into your pants?”
    Client: “I haven’t made ANY progress… not sure I want to continue.”
    Your services are second to none - consider this an opportunity to SHOW your clients what you can do for each of them individually. 3D body scanning makes it easier than ever to educate clients about how the body changes with exercise and nutrition - namely that changes aren’t always reflected on a weight scale.
  • The ProScanner presents an opportunity for trainers to create an original program design for each individual client. For the first time, trainers are able to provide incredibly unique, personalized customer service that doesn’t stop with the first scan. Each scan is an outline that, strung together, creates each client's unique story. Arming trainers with these outlines provides them the opportunity to approach each client strategically.
  • Customer Esteban Lutz of Kore 7 Fitness credits his Fit3D ProScanner with a triple digit increase in Personal Training revenue, year after year. He explains that a big part of this jump in sales is due to the element of personalization the ProScanner provides. “I would easily say 30% to 50% of the increase has been tied to the ProScanner,” he explains. “Clients see the image of themselves and are emotionally charged by it.”

2) Automation/Consistency

  • Joe Cirulli, the Founder and CEO of Gainesville Health and Fitness and Fit3D customer says this about his ProScanner: “The Fit3D ProScanner accurately and precisely automates measurements for the hundreds of XForce members at our club, a task that used to take my trainers 45 minutes per each member.” Joe’s facility was just named one of America’s Best Small Businesses by Forbes AND he bought another system for an additional XForce location. I think we all can agree, he’s doing something right.
  • The key takeaway is this - you’ve hired your trainers to do what they do best… TRAIN! It’s time to automate things like measurement taking so they can go back to transforming the lives of members and clients.
  • Additionally, hand-held measurements are subject to variables affecting their consistency and accuracy. If a client’s measurements are taken and their measurements have changed either up or down, is there a part of you that wonders if there was any user error involved? 3D body scanning eliminates this variable. 
  • Trainers don’t like measuring clients, and clients don’t like being measured. It can be really uncomfortable for both involved. The Fit3D ProScanner allows clients to get more accurate measurements AND it’s completely self use technology. What's more is the end result is a digital track record of your progress in 3D imagery and measurements.

3) Objectivity

  • Let’s face it -setbacks are to be expected. How are you prepared to keep your client’s on track? I sometimes like to call the ProScanner “the motivation machine”. Why? Because, how many times have your clients had a stressful week at work, their eating has been off and they’ve wanted to chuck their entire program into the trash because they think, ‘what’s the point’? There are SO many biological responses that cause the scale to go up. You try to tell them… It is NOT physically possible for you to gain 10 pounds of fat in one week, but they’re still not convinced. Asking these clients to take a 3D body scan at times like this can mellow them out and help them realize that one bad day/week/month usually isn’t as impactful as they think it is.
  • The flip side to this is that sometimes you just need to be hit in the face with reality to light a fire under you. There is no sugar coating your 3D body scan and it’s been known to provide a reality check that sometimes doesn't come with measurements alone. Again… objectivity.
  • When Fit3D customer Michele Zandman of Revolutionize Nutrition Counseling in New Jersey was asked what kind of reaction she gets from initial scans, she say it’s usually a very sobering experience for new members. “The first scan makes users realize they need to take action. It can be incredibly uncomfortable to see that image of themselves, but more than anything, it prompts them to act,” she says.


Do you have thoughts or questions about 3D body scanning? Maybe you're thinking about ways to incorporate it into your facility? Contact us

#TransformationTuesday - Shawn uses weekly scans to hold himself accountable

Meet Shawn, Fit3D National Sales Director.  

"Because I did my first scan ever with my clothes on, I didn’t realize people could see my stomach through my clothes. Scanning made me rethink my fitness goals entirely and how I approached them."

"Throughout my journey, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I started at 231, got as heavy as 252. I started scanning myself once a week, regardless of my diet and regardless if I was working out consistently. That really changed my life - scanning once a week. It held me accountable, but it also helps me not beat myself up if I have a bad week or gain any weight. It’s never as bad as I think it is. You can gain five pounds and it might be only .2 of an inch on your body as it spreads out."

"Also worth noting is that during a time I was doing quite a bit of cardio, my scans showed that my knee was actually swelling from the pressure, so I stopped for two weeks. I noticed a significant reduction in the swelling in my scans after that, and I wouldn’t have noticed that without my weekly scans."

8 Ways to Keep Members Engaged after the New Year's Hype Fizzles

It’s the middle of February and the New Year’s rush we all know and love is starting to fade. Your facility might not be quite as busy as it was four weeks ago. Part of the challenge of being a business owner is maintaining engagement in your programming year round. Below are eight ways to keep your members engaged after the New Year’s hype fizzles.


1) Rewards

Use contests as a way to reward good attendance! Whether it’s attendance for a certain class or just showing up at all… consider putting a prize up for grabs for members that have the best attendance. Some of our customers have offered branded clothing, free months of membership, smoothies at the juice bar… all for members that maintain attendance during certain times of the year.

2) Put up posters of short workouts to motivate time-crunched individuals

As March approaches, members are moving out of that “honeymoon” holiday mindset - the reality of a new year is setting in. Time is more of a luxury and working out falls beneath other priorities on their list. To help out these busy members, trying putting up posters throughout your club with quick 20-25 minute workouts! Put them on your social media pages so members can access them from their phone! This is a great opportunity to ask your trainers and coaches to chip in with the goal of getting them exposure. Ask them to write down their favorite workout and why - members will love the helping hand and might even reach out to book a session with that trainer.

Low on creativity? Fear not - has you covered. The site has over 9,000 community-generated cross-training workouts in 23 different fitness categories. You’re bound to find something that works.

3) Post healthy meal ideas on your social media to motivate members while they’re home

What your members eat has a direct impact on fitness goals! Give members inspiration for healthy meals by posting recipes on your social media pages. We love’s recipes and constantly put them on our profiles. People who are hitting a wall with their food creativity - you can only eat zucchini noodles for so long! - will appreciate this. Additionally, everyone loves pictures of delicious food. Encourage your members to post recipes and photos of their favorite healthy meals. Remember: your facility and your social pages are a community! Everyone contributes.

4) Put out posters of the ProScanner by the cardio machines

It’s likely your Fit3D ProScanner is in a private room so members can take proper scans in minimal clothing. One of the best ways to keep members motivated is to remind them of the progress they have already made thus far, two months into the year - encourage them to scan! The Fit3D ProScanner is the perfect way for members to track their milestones. Put ProScanner posters by the cardio machines, or other more popular equipment stations as a reminder that it’s available to them. Members who can track their improvements tangibly with their Web Platform avatars will stay happy and want to continue to improve!

5) Offer discounts on personal training sessions during February and March

Incentives can help drive retention! Keep members focused during February and March (when most people lose sight of their NYE resolutions) by offering discounts on personal training sessions when your trainers may be seeing a lull in their schedules. Most fitness clubs offer discounted personal training when members first join, but few continue to offer promotional prices. People work harder and perform better when someone is there to hold them accountable. Members on the fence about investing in personal training will have the opportunity to try it out. After they witness the incredible benefits of a session, they will be more willing to pay the full price in the future.

6) Implement inch loss contests

People love when they can earn prizes for working out consistently! We recommend hosting an inch loss contest for members. Over the course of a few weeks, members can track their progress with the Fit3D ProScanner. Compare member avatars at the end of the contest and offer prizes for whoever can shave off the most! The rewards don’t have to be complicated - offer three free personal training sessions, a free month of club membership or give away some branded club jackets. Rally your members around themes and causes, like Breast Cancer Awareness and Relay for Life. 

7) Cheer on hardworking members with social media

Motivating members outside of your club is important! When you see members tweeting about heading to work out at your location, retweet and reply to them! Cheer them on and motivate them! You could also put posters throughout your club with a gym hashtag. If they're comfortable, encourage members to share Fit3D scans they're proud of. As members post, be sure to like, comment, reply and retweet - for every social platform you have! If members feel a stronger connection with your club by being recognized on social media, they will be more likely to fit a workout into their busy schedules.

8) Encourage members to set sustainable goals

Often, the reason that people lose sight of their fitness goals is because they set unrealistic standards for themselves. It is really hard to lose 10 inches in a month, or lower body fat by 5% in just a few weeks. If you remind members to celebrate the small wins - the first inch or the first percentage - they will feel more confident and satisfied with their workouts. Sure, long-term goals are important, but it’s hard to imagine your body six months from the day you start. Getting fit is much more about perseverance and persistence than anything else.

Have any questions about these tips? Reach out to us!

#TransformationTuesday - Sam Creates Sustainable Goals

Meet Sam!

"My first scan was taken in November, just as holiday treats were making an appearance and I had finished some travel for work. In January, I decided to make some dietary, fitness and lifestyle changes that weren't so drastic that I couldn't stick to them long term. "

"I like to experiment with different kinds of diets. Throughout my various stages of trial and error I use Fit3D to track my progress and see where I am at objectively rather than just guessing. Even during the holidays when I knew I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be, knowing I was going to do a Fit3D scan helped to keep me accountable and not lie to myself."

"Previously I used to weigh myself daily and being smaller (112-118 lbs) it is hard for me to depend on the scale for any accurate depiction of health or progress. I have seen the scale go way up when I am gaining muscle and definition. Without Fit3D I would have stuck with diets that weren't giving me results and quit the programs that were really working based on scale numbers rather than reality."

"Now having over a years worth of scans, I have documentation of my entire fitness journey. I can look at the wellness trends and step back and see where I was at each stage. Fit3D allows me to see the bigger picture and motivates me to eat better and lift heavier so that I can become my best self!" 

Fit3D's Year in Review, 2015

  The Fit3D Team wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!


The Fit3D Team wishes you a happy and healthy 2016!

Dear Users, Clients, Industry Professionals, Advisors and Friends, 

At Fit3D, we have two missions: 1) to motivate Fit3D users to reach their health based goals, and 2) to create high margin, low effort revenue for our customers.  We are proud to work with an outstanding group of customers, users, supporters, and advisors who believe in our purpose.  Thank you to those who helped drive Fit3D through a very successful 2015.

If you have seen our website, you know that Fit3D was created in 2010 out of necessity to help my mother reach her health goals.  As a fledgling company in 2010, Tyler Carter—my co-founder—and I realized that 3D body scanning was the solution to motivational problems in fitness. Scales and body composition weren’t sufficient measures, and 3D body scanning technology at the time was too expensive ($50K to $200K) for people that needed and wanted it the most. Over the next 4 years, Fit3D worked diligently to create a 3D body scanning solution specifically for the fitness and wellness industry within the budget of fitness and wellness industry professionals.

From 2010 to 2014, the Fit3D team poured its mind, heart, and soul into developing a 3D body scanning solution that allows gym owners, coaches, and wellness professionals to utilize the technology and services for their current and potential members.  This journey has brought us to today, where we get to share the recap of our amazing 2015 with you.  We are proud of what we’ve accomplished, but are even more proud of the lives that we’ve touched.

Our 2015 successes:

  • More than 250 ProScanners were purchased around the globe

  • At least one scan is being taken on a Fit3D ProScanner every 8 minutes

  • More than 46,000 scans were taken in 2015

  • Universities are using Fit3D to researching the following subjects:

    • Morbidity causes and health risk outcomes associated with 3D body shape, gender, and age

    • How controlled activity and nutrition affect body shape changes

    • How 3D scans affect the subconscious notion of personal attractiveness as opposed to weight and facial features

  • One huge research grant was awarded to multiple university researchers using Fit3D to assess health risk outcomes

  • Fit3D partnered with Sports Basement (A San Francisco based Sports Retail Store) and WATSI (A Global Funding Platform for Medical Treatments)

    • Hundreds of participants in the 6-week challenge allowed Fit3D to donate more than $2,000 to patients in need of medical treatment around the globe through WATSI.

2015 was a breakout year for Fit3D, which truly helped establish 3D body scanning into the wellness industry. We have incredible innovations in store for 2016 that focus on additional data analytics, services, and features provided to users from each scan. We will also offer new opportunities for our clients to utilize our service to create additional high margin, low effort revenue, along with other exciting features.  Reach out to us at or to find out more.  

Again, thank you to our entire industry for such a fantastic year, and here’s to 2016!!


Greg Moore

CEO, Fit3D, Inc.


#TransformationTuesday - Fit3D Inch Loss Contest Winner Chris C.

Meet Chris. 

"I love the ProScanner for the 360 degree snapshot of my body and especially for the accurate circumference measurements of my waistline, hips, waist-to-hip ratio, and chest."

"These measurements provide me with a better gauge of my fitness; a weight scale can’t gather this info. Overall circumference reduction is my goal and this product keeps me accountable. Thanks Fit3D!"

Chris is the first place winner of our most recent Inch Loss Contest benefitting Watsi patients. Chris lost almost 8 inches across his body in 6 weeks. 

How is Fit3D Going to Drive Revenue for our Customers in 2016?


How was your 2015? Ours was awesome - but 2016 is going to be even better.

Most recently, Fit3D wrapped up our first ever San Francisco Bay Area wide inch loss contest. We tasked Bay Area residents with losing as many inches as possible within a six week time period. 75% of all registration fees went to benefit patients in developing countries that can’t afford medical care through a non-profit called Watsi. Fit3D ProScanners were housed and made available for participants to use at SF Bay Area based sports retail company Sports Basement.

132 participants registered for this contest, completing 1,163 scans in total. Each participant was required to scan at a Sports Basement location at least three times in six weeks, although many scanned more, resulting in at least 396 visits to Sports Basement stores during this time. A total of 69.7 inches were lost by all participants.

Social media reach for this contest consisted of eight Facebook posts from the KTVU TV news hosts covering the event, resulting in hundreds of conversations about the challenge and a reach of 450,000. This data does not include posts from Sports Basement, Watsi, Fit3D or any other social media network.

Fit3D was able to drive incredible amounts of traffic into retail locations for this inch loss contest,. Imagine how much of a revenue driver a challenge like this would be if it took place in a fitness setting… what if we involved our customers?

Fit3D is consistently working with our customers to create high margin, low effort revenue streams. Based on the success of our most recent challenge, on February 1, 2016 Fit3D is launching the first ever Fit3D National Inch Loss Challenge. Fit3D will use its media reach to drive consumers to ProScanner locations - our customers. The Fit3D Challenge Platform will be used to create an amazing ancillary revenue stream for Fit3D customers in addition to increasing sales in the areas of personal training, new member sales, and increased member retention.

Money doesn’t grow on trees… but it does (figuratively, of course) grow on ProScanners.

A conversation with one of our customers about this contest:

Customer: “Soooo you’re telling me you’re going to pay me to bring new prospects into my club and re-engage current members and it's not going to cost me a dime?”
Me: pause… “yes, that’s correct.”
Customer: “Duh”

To learn more about this challenge and other endless revenue streams the Fit3D ProScanner creates for your facility, contact us


Meet Michele.

An athlete her entire life, working out wasn't the issue. Michele still ate like she was working out five hours a day, so she reached out to nutrition counselors Randy and Michele at Revolutionize. 

"When people ask me how much weight I've lost, I say... '10 pounds, I think?'. I honestly have no idea what that exact number is. What I do know is that a number cannot describe what I see when I look at my scans," says Michele. 

"In three weeks I lost almost five inches across my entire body, but only one pound. Without this incredible scanning technology, I would have had no idea exactly how impactful the programming was that I had signed up for. Now six months after beginning, I've lost 20 inches and I have no idea how many pounds."

How to Keep Your Members Engaged During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is notorious for encouraging unhealthy behavior, as well as pulling members out of your gym. Family obligations, holiday parties, stressful weather...the list of reasons to skip a workout goes on. It’s hard not to take it personally, but...people are simply really, really, busy. So we’ve thought of a few ways that you can use the ProScanner-- the gift that keeps on giving--to incentivise your members to stay engaged during the hectic holiday season.

Holiday Frequency Rewards

Use the ProScanner to reward members who stick to their workout schedule during the holidays. If you’re currently charging for it’s use, consider gifting free scans to those who continue to visit your facility at least a certain number of times per week. You’ll be rewarding positive behavior while also emotionally connecting these members to their goals by showing them their scan images and data, motivating them to continue long after the New Year.

Offer Discounted Personal Training

One way to help members stay committed to their workout plan is through personal training. When their motivation is lacking and the gym starts to become less of a priority, a personal trainer offers the accountability that members need to stay engaged. However a large barrier to personal training is the cost. Consider offering special holiday packages that give members a taste of this offering, while also including ProScanner scans. A holiday gift from you to your members that’s sure to have them coming back for more.

Holiday Programming

Did someone say, “The Twelve Days of Fitness”? Offer special holiday programming for your members such as themed workout classes, special holiday workout plans, and free fitness assessment days. Create fitness competitions that encourage your members to compete against one another for prizes, or create a workout buddy program in which members hold each other accountable for workout goals. Allow the ProScanner to create social buzz in your gym and be a source of friendly holiday competition.

Special ProScanner Holiday Pricing

Offer ProScanner promotional pricing and gift cards as a gift-giving solution during the holidays. Maybe even give members a free guest pass to try out the ProScanner. Allow the holiday spirit of gift giving bring in new members into your community.

Keep Members Working Towards Goals

Above all, make sure that everything you do encourages your members to stay goal-oriented throughout the holidays. Why wait until after the new year to set goals? Help your members set themselves up for success in the new year by helping them make changes NOW. The ProScanner is a great way to show your members how quickly a little bit of hard work can impact the shape of their body. There is no greater motivation than seeing your body change before your eyes.

There is no reason that the holidays should clear your members out of your gym. Instead, think of this time as an exciting opportunity to reinvigorate your community and increase member engagement. For more information about how Fit3D’s ProScanner can help keep your members engaged, contact



This month's Transformation Tuesday belongs to Julie. Julie is no stranger to exercise, but she'd recently discovered the Fit3D ProScanner and decided to shake things up a bit to really understand how her body would react to different diet and exercise changes. 

"I've been working with a body builder for a year or so. However, I'd never taken the leap to cut out foods to sculpt or lean out. I'd always wanted to, but it's a lot of hard work and I didn't have access to a tool that'd show me the progress I was making, big or small."

- Julie

"Body scanning motivated me to do just that - concentrate on both food intake and workout routine and see how the two complement each other by understanding how my measurements changed and where over time."

- Julie

Fit3D Launches the 'See a Differece, Make a Difference' Inch Loss Contest!

Weight loss challenges are old news in the fitness industry-- however, Fit3D is breathing new life into the way challenges are executed by your staff and how they’re perceived by your members.

On November 1st, Fit3D is launching the 'See a Difference, Make a Difference' Inch Loss Contest, powered by Fit3D and in partnership with Watsi and Sports Basement. San Francisco Bay Area residents will be tasked with losing as many inches as possible during a six week time period, and 75% of registration fees will fund patients in developing countries that can’t afford medical care.

This is the first Bay Area inch loss contest that encourages participants to make healthy lifestyle changes on the personal/local level, and simultaneously help others around the globe. Fit3D is excited to partner with Watsi and Sports Basement to create a dynamic and engaging challenge that benefits the entire Bay Area community.

Taking body measurements for fitness tracking purposes is an endeavor often inconsistent and prone to human error. This task is especially frustrating when attempting to motivate fitness challenge participants that aren’t noticing any progress and don’t trust their measurements. This is why Fit3D created the ProScanner-- so that you’ll never question the integrity of the data, and so that you can actually see fitness progress as it happens, instead of attempting to interpret inaccurate measurements.

Fit3D’s ProScanner also shortens the time it takes to complete a client’s body consultation. One of our customers, Gainesville Health and Fitness, reports that what used to take them 20-30 minutes to measure now only takes them a minute or two. For the next six weeks during our Bay Area contest, ProScanner units will be living at Sports Basement locations in Berkeley, Sunnyvale, and San Francisco. There is no employee necessary to “administer” the machine, as it’s completely self use.

The Fit3D ProScanner and its motivating possibilities open the floodgates to increased new member sales, member retention, ancillary revenue, and personal training sales for your gym.


  1. Challenges offer a unique, low barrier opportunity for new people try out your facility and its offerings. The technology is new and exciting and word spreads like wildfire, so simply starting with your member base will be enough to entice new customers. Your gym can charge a nominal fee for use of the ProScanner, with little cost to your facility and little to no use of employee time.  
  2. People find themselves in exercise and nutrition lulls. You know what I’m referring to - sometimes your exercise and nutrition programs lack motivation, purpose and oomph. Our customers that use the ProScanner in their facilities have challenges running at regular intervals to ward off the mundane and give something exciting to re engage their members! There are many different creative ways to make the most of the ProScanner. Whatever it is, people love challenging themselves to produce results during a given time period, especially when they’ve got a tool that will be honest with it’s feedback.
  3. Challenges are a huge deal in the fitness industry. Imagine being able to charge for participation in these challenges, and then being able to keep that money or share it with a charitable organization. The Fit3D ProScanner allows you to do that. Not only does the tech get your members excited about working out again because never before have they seen their body progress tracked like this, but we’ve removed all the work that came with challenges traditionally. This means that you and your group trainers, staff, and personal trainers have more time to do other important things that bring in revenue.
  4. Many of our customers have opted to present challenges to their members as a way to introduce them to personal training. One of the most common objections to personal training is the price point. Offering discounted personal training to those involved in the challenge, or offering mini fitness assessments along the way, can help sell personal training to your members.

Fit3D’s See a Difference, Make a Difference November fitness challenge aims to set an example for the level of impact that the Fit3D ProScanner can have on member engagement, client health, as well as healthcare across the globe.

To learn more about how to get involved with this challenge, or how to motivate your members to make healthy lifestyle changes with a challenge of your own, contact Fit3D.


This month's Transformation Tuesday belongs to Fit3D customer Michele Zandman-Frankel, cofounder of RevolutioniZe Nutrition Counseling in Freehold, NJ. Michele has been a huge advocate for Fit3D's ProScanner technology and not only encourages her members to scan often but does so quite often herself.

Michele is an active NPC Figure Competitor and understands the weight scale does not tell the whole story when it comes to her fitness progress. Check out her scans and thoughts below:

"Today I compared last year's peak bulk scan at RevolutioniZe 1/4/15 (left) to today's bulk 10/10/15 (right). I am 3 pounds HEAVIER than I was at last years peak bulk and my measurements are mind blowing - 157 lb vs. 160 lb."

Michele, RevolutioniZe

"I'm heavier on the scale, however I'm also down 1.4 inches in the neck, down .6 inches in my bust and back, down 2.5 in the waist, and down .6 in my hips! My Body fat percentage is also lower at a HEAVIER weight! Goes to show you that the number on the scale is INCOMPLETE."

Michele, RevolutioniZe

"Everything is tighter and more 'toned', yet I'm the heaviest weight I have ever been. Mind BLOWN. Tighter stomach, fuller glutes, more rounded shoulders and still definition in my triceps and back. I'LL TAKE IT!!"

Michele, RevolutioniZe

What Can the Rise in Digital Health Technology do for Your Facility?

Don’t be mistaken - the rise in digital health technology presents a massive opportunity for gyms to connect with members on a level never before attainable. Health data tracking devices will increase the number of people interested in fitness because it’s easier now more than ever for them to track their progress. We’ve created the Fit3D ProScanner around this basic concept.

Objective feedback is a game changer in this equation. What happens when there isn’t any, regardless if it’s good or bad? The device then has no value. Why?

Americans are busier than ever doing less of the things they know lead to overall health and wellness. Although most don’t do the things they’re supposed to, most of them WANT to, and the tech industry has tapped into this. Machines that gather data about the individual’s eating, sleeping and exercise habits are giving data back to the user about how their habits are affecting their health - they are giving back control in a world where it often feels like we have none. If the device doesn’t feed into the user’s sense of knowledge = power, it’s useless.

When life makes members feel like their lives are out of control, digital health technology gives control back to the member. The gym member of the future will be connected to the Internet of Things 100% of the time; running on a treadmill that’s recording data directly into a fitness app, checking texts on a smartwatch and getting notifications from their activity tracker which is sending information directly to their smartphone - and more than likely, these devices will all be integrated into one.

What happens if your facility is resistant to adopting these new trends in technology? Well, we all saw what happened to Blockbuster. Understand that these tools help gather data, it’s up to the human brain to figure out what to do with it. Fitness professionals are necessary to help interpret this data and figure out how it translates to specific fitness goals. Digital health tracking presents an opportunity for conversation about goals. So, you’re tracking your fitness progress - what goals are you trying to achieve? What’s it going to take to get you there? Don’t be threatened by the power of this technology; the most successful facilities will harness it to positively impact their programming, show members you’re willing to stay on top of trends and put money back into your club.

The Fit3D ProScanner is digital health at it’s finest. In a world where your members feel stunted by weight scales and other tools that fall short, the Fit3D ProScanner empowers them with data that gives them control over their health and wellness. What the Fit3D ProScanner and other digital health trackers don't provide is the road map to get them to their goals, presenting an opportunity for multiple communication points between trainers, coaches and members. Fit3D wants to put knowledge into the hands of the user and their coach by offering a tool that provides personalized, digital feedback of the user’s habits. The goal for the Fit3D ProScanner and all digital health technology is to motivate and empower the user with feedback that means something to them, challenging the user to become a better version of themselves. Technology is taking over the fitness industry - are you on board? We’ve provided the digital health technology - it’s up to you to bridge the gap between data and action.


download (2).png

This month's Transformation Tuesday belongs to the first place winner of our customer Key Health Institute's FitBody Challenge. Winners of this 30 day challenge were determined by two metrics; percentage of total inches lost in addition to total body fat percentage lost. 

In 30 days, the first place winner lost a total of 3.1% body fat and 4.93% of total inches lost. Check out her scans below!


Patrick Wellington, Fitness Director of Key Health Institute, says the Fit3D ProScanner has been key to running successful challenges that engage members, boost member motivation and increase personal training sales. "We (KHIE) weren't doing challenges before we purchased the Fit3D ProScanner. It just wasn't feasible."

"The Fit3D ProScanner holds members accountable, especially in a fitness challenge type environment. For members, the Fit3D ProScanner is a way to track progress visually and to keep focused on the end goal."

- Patrick Wellington, Fitness Director, KHIE

"Your product made it easy for me to see the positive changes in my body's physical shape. Knowing exact measurements made me strive even harder to achieve maximum results! I love Fit3D!"

- KHIE First Place Winner, FitBody Challenge


Are Your New Membership Sales Numbers What They Could Be?

download (1).png

Before any of you have the opportunity to wow your members with your facility, amenities, programming, top of the line trainers, instructors and personable staff, you first need to sell them a membership.

Membership sales is a tricky number to report on because the data is incredibly subjective. For example, sales folks that only see highly qualified walk ins are going to have a much higher closing rate than those that are going out and doing the prospecting. In other words, 90% close rate on 30 people looks much better than 50% close rate on 100 people. See what I mean? I’ve read about clubs that reported 85% close rate which is awesome! But come to find out that they weren’t reporting on guest passes. They were getting approximately 100 people on guest passes every month; when they calculated their rate to reflect this data, their closing rate changed quite dramatically.

It’s challenging to develop a fail safe way for reporting accurate membership sales data with so many variables involved. What you can do, however, is ensure you are making the most out of each and every interaction with prospective members. Each step of the way, the Fit3D ProScanner ensures your sales team will be able to connect with the member’s needs. Wow prospects with your ability to assess their needs, and then meet those needs with the Fit3D ProScanner. See below for Fit3D twists to the traditional sales steps:

Prospecting: All sales begin as prospects, and the goal is to get the prospect into your facility for a visit. Some common ways sales teams prospect are by cold calling, emailing, community events - any which way they can get their hands on contact information. Consumers don’t tend to give out their information easily these days. You need a differentiator that peaks their interest with the objective to get them into your facility for a tour. What do you do?

A great way to encourage folks to volunteer their contact information is by offering them in return something of value. The Fit3D ProScanner is an attention grabber, simply because it’s new, really cool technology, but also because it’s a tool that isn’t found at all gyms. Market your ProScanner via social media, email blasts, community events and more. Ask current members to share their before and after pictures with friends and social media, too. In addition to that free trial period, offer prospects a scan and an opportunity to see their body in a way they’ve never seen before.

Guest Visit: What do your guest visits typically consist of? Sharing of amenities, programming, cleanliness and features most likely. Not to undermine the importance of clean towels and fully stocked showers, but it’s time you gave your guests a reason to come back!

The ProScanner technology is something most people have never seen before. Differentiate yourself from competitors, let members and prospects know that you are open minded to new technology that solves old challenges and show that you put money back into your club. Bring non members into your facility by promoting your Fit3D ProScanner. Invite non members to take a free scan, invite them to participate in facility wide inch loss challenges, provide non member pricing for a la carte scanning, attract non members into your facility by hosting a member appreciation party and allowing members to bring a guest.  

This is also a great time to talk to the prospect about all the ways in which the ProScanner integrates into current programming as well as how it’ll help develop new programming in the future. Let the prospect know it’s important to management to keep programming fresh and impactful. Talk to prospects about how they’ll always know if their program is working for them or not, because they’ll see it in black and white (mostly purple) via the ProScanner Web Platform.

Needs Analysis and Tour: Here is when you sell the prospect on how you can meet their needs and help them reach their goals. Now is a great time to do some digging; what have they disliked about previous gym experiences? What were the parts they liked the most? What programs do they prefer? Do what you can do ensure the prospect that their individual needs and desires and important to club staff, because it’s most likely something they were lacking at their old gym.

The Fit3D ProScanner instantly and emotionally connects them to their goal. Check out our user success page. The first scan does not usually yield a pleasant reaction from prospects; what it does do is it let’s prospects know objectively where they are with their fitness and health goals. The truth hurts! But their first scan image lights a fire and averts their focus from gym aesthetics small talk to getting down to business - what can you do to help me look better?

For questions about how the Fit3D ProScanner can help improve your closing percentages, contact us to speak to one of our team members.  



This month's Transformation Tuesday belongs to Adam C. Adam lost almost 14 inches across his entire body as a contestant on Wimp 2 Warrior.  Adam competed in season three of Australia's hit documentary style reality television series, also billed as 'The Ultimate Human Experiment'.

The show features contestants who's challenge is to transform from everyday individuals with little to no combat training into 'warriors', MMA style. With the help of coaches and trainers, the contestant's goal is to make it to the finale where two of the most skilled warriors will compete for the winning title. The Fit3D ProScanner seamlessly tracked the fitness progress of each competitor, making it the fitness assessment tool of choice for Wimp 2 Warrior. See Adam's amazing body transformation below.

“I was lucky enough to have a body scan done by the team at FIT3D when I was a participant on season 3 of ‘Wimp 2 Warrior’. Seeing the progress I was making along the way inspired me to keep pushing throughout the toughest training I’ve ever done."

Adam C., Wimp 2 Warrior, season 3

Amazing transformation, Adam! Thank you for sharing your scans with us. 

Are you a Fit3D user and have a body transformation you want to share with us? Email or share your scans on Instagram and hashtag #Fit3D.