The ProScanner is a Revenue Driving Tool




  • Detailed imagery of the prospects body evokes an emotional response, encouraging them to take action

  • Improve your closing percentage by introducing the scanner during the facilities tour

  • Engage your entire local community with innovative and differentiating technology


  • Provide  members objective progress that is consistent over time, regardless of water consumption, time of day, and other variables

  • Show progress over time both visually and in inches lost, driving motivation

  • Members see how the work they’ve been doing translates into how their body looks


  • Trainers are able to provide incredibly unique, personalized customer service that doesn’t stop with the first scan
  • Clients purchase personal training packages with confidence and clearly defined expectations and goals
  • The effectiveness of the trainer and the program is more clear, erasing the doubt that trainers aren’t worth what they charge
  • Arming trainers with this data allows them to approach each client strategically, maximizing efficiency for trainers and their clients



  • Increase member engagement by hosting fitness challenges
  • Innovative fitness assessment technology drives non members into your facility for complete fitness testing
  • Structured a la carte scanning packages for members who wouldn’t have access to this technology otherwise

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Clients that have been around for some time see more value in the Fit3D ProScanner imagery and measurements. If their body fat number is decreasing, great, but they want to make sure that change is reflected in how they look.

Marc Cohen, Director of Private Sessions, BFX Studios, NYC

“The Fit3D ProScanner allows you to look at a visual approximation of yourself. We want to move people away from looking at data as good or bad and move the conversation to somewhere where it becomes limitless:  ‘If that’s how you look, then how do you feel?’” 

Rolando Garcia, Manager, Equinox’s E Program

"The partnership that we have developed with Fit3D has come with many benefits to our business. Not only has it offered a lot of value to the members going though the X-Force program, but we have also begun to use it in some of our other body transformation-based programs.

It is a tool that can differentiate your club from other competitors in your area. In addition, it saves us lots of time and money compared to previous methods of taking members measurements."

Noah Hastay, Fitness Director, Gainesville Health and Fitness

“50% of my triple digit increase in personal training sales is a result of the Fit3D ProScanner”  

Esteban Lutz, Owner, Kore 7 Fitness

“The first scan makes users realize they need to take action. It can be incredibly uncomfortable to see that image of themselves, but more than anything, it prompts action."

Michele Zandman, Owner, Revolutionize

“The Fit3D Inch Loss Challenge and the utilization of the Fit3D ProScanner in this capacity was electrifying for our members. They’ve never been able to evaluate their progress like this before. This challenge has increased member engagement and helped keep our members accountable towards their goals. We’re looking forward to hosting another Inch Loss Challenge given the results we’ve seen!”

Patrick Wellington, Director of Fitness Services, Key Health Institute

"We are excited to be integrating Fit 3d into our club orientation process. Keeping members connected through data and technology will be essential over the next few years. Health and fitness will become a crucial component within the healthcare continuum and the ability to track information...long term is vital."

Mark Cuatt, General Manager,  Club Fit